Worldwide Markets Brought to You.

International Feed is dedicated to serving our grower base. Our vast network of oversea customers provides us with growing demand in many grains and commodities.

As a principal buyer and trader, we provide direct access to these overseas markets by bringing the export bid to you at minimal risk. We operate and work with multiple delivery points and grain transloads across the Midwest. We can also offer efficient and reliable trucking services to accommodate any grain hauling needs.

From trade to execution, we work together with our suppliers to bring opportunities that best fit your needs and marketing plans.

Looking for direct access to overseas markets?

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International Feed is currently looking to buy the following products:

  • GMO Yellow Corn
  • GMO Soybeans
  • NON-GMO Clear Hilum Soybeans
  • NON-GMO Dark Hilum Soybeans
  • NON-GMO Yellow Corn
  • NON-GMO White Corn
  • White/Red Millet
  • Sorghum
  • Flaxseed
  • Canary Seed
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